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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Sandwiched Boomers
“For the past 25 years, October has been designated National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You’ll find races to run that raise funds for research. Stores will be selling everything from mixmasters to ipods in pink. In fact, pink ribbons will be virtually everywhere. What does this focus…” Read More

Celebrate the Holidays with the Gift of Time
“Our economy is in a meltdown and the crisis in confidence couldn’t have come at a worse time. You’re likely facing tough buying decisions this holiday season. With the pressure of being stretched financially, the commercialism …” Read More

Women and Friendship: The Gift You Give Yourself
“We can say without a doubt that intimate friendships have always been important to women. But have you noticed that they’ve become even more so as you face the transitions of children growing up and parents growing older? Findings from a recent MacArthur Foundation Study indicate that the emotional security and “… Read More

What Oprah’s Support of Obama has to do with Boomers
“Oprahbama, the big O’s, Oprah and the Obamas – sounds like a rock band on a road trip. As Oprah hit the campaign trail recently, her candidate “… Read More

How Connection Helps Boomers Reduce Holiday Stress
“In your holiday daydreams, do you envision universal goals like sustaining our planet’s resources and gaining energy independence – or less stress? For many Baby Boomers, this time of year tends to be exhausting rather than inspiring”… Read More