reducing stress

Navigating Life’s Twists and Turns
“Remember playing car-racing games at the arcade, trying to stay on the virtual road while going as fast as you can? In those videos, sharp curves keep switching and obstacles suddenly appear, causing you to crash and burn if…” Read More

Coping With Stress and Anxiety After the Earthquake in Haiti
“The news about the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti is heartbreaking and the vivid pictures tragic. As in grieving any loss, the people of Haiti have been experiencing a wide range of emotions. Initially, many were…” Read More

10 Tips For Coping With January Blues
“Feeling down in the dumps now that the holidays are over? If you’re hoping for something uplifting on these dreary days and cold nights, you’re not alone. T.S. Eliot, in The Waste Land, said, April is the cruelest month.” Read More

Single and Valentine’s Day: Tips for Less Stress
“Valentine’s Day is a romantic time for couples – a special day to express love. But it can also put pressure on people who, every other day of the year, are perfectly fine with their single status. Are you one of the millions of singles who is lonely…” Read More

Michael Jackson and the High Cost of Fame
“Coming from a family of entertainers with a demanding stage-dad, Michael Jackson had been in the limelight since he was a young boy. Super stardom was all he knew. Although talented, famous and adored, his was a lonely life – one full of contradictions…” Read More

7 Stops on the Less Stress Express
“Would you like to spend less time racking up emotional debt and more time receiving dividends from your ‘feeling better’ bank account? Research findings show that the complex demands of family and work can really get you down.” Read More

Domestic Violence: What if You Are the One with a Short Fuse?
“Across the United States and around the world, the effects of the financial crisis continue to spread – foreclosures are widespread, banks are being taken over, stock markets are erratic, credit is frozen and bankruptcies are increasing.” Read More

How to Nourish the Sandwich that is You
“You may well be asking yourself, how can I balance caring for my parents, my children and myself? Here are some tips to help you sustain and nourish yourself. As you assume greater responsibility for your parents and maintain your role in your children’s lives, enjoy the time and activities that allow you to take care of yourself.” Read More