making your relationship work

How to Make a Good Marriage Better
“You know what they say if something is moving along without any major hurdles – ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ But your marriage may not yet have reached its full potential. Believe it or not, you can change boring routines and improve your relationship.” Read More

How to Bypass the Road to Divorce
“Are you and your spouse worried about money in these uncertain times? During any economic crisis, couples have to face tough financial decisions. This can lead to an increase in stress and exacerbate problems that…” Read More

Marital Harmony Despite Financial Woes
“A perfect marriage would be free of financial controversy. But during this economic crisis, the reality is that couples need to learn new money management skills and face tough financial decisions – “… Read More

Avoiding Infidelity: 8 Tips to Keep Partners Faithful
“The news media thrive on streaming information – and gossip – about the exploits of high visibility couples. The general public has been well informed about the infidelity of John Edwards, the visits to call girls by Eliot Spitzer, “… Read More

The Stock Market Meltdown and Domestic Violence Awareness Month
“Lost in the headlines about the presidential election and the stock market meltdown is the fact that October is the month dedicated to controlling domestic violence. The irony is that the financial shock waves are likely to increase the prevalence of abuse “… Read More

How Madonna’s Divorce Relates to Boomers
“As a Sandwiched Boomer with changing family responsibilities, you have the toughest of balancing acts – attending to kids, parents and personal needs while still nurturing your marriage. You may envy celebrities like Madonna “… Read More

How to Create More Intimacy with Your Valentine
“February is perfect for cuddling, with the cold weather and longer nights. No wonder it’s known as the month for romance. But, as a member of the Sandwich Generation, does caring for your growing children and aging parents make you too tired to bring Cupid back into your intimate relationship?”… Read More

Boomer Couples and Change: Re-examining Your Relationship
“Being comfortable in a relationship feels awfully good – but functioning on automatic pilot can get you into trouble. For some couples in the Sandwich Generation, the impetus to examine their partnership comes from the different energies that each wants to invest in family, career or leisure. Don is torn between his own needs “… Read More

Point of View: The Male Boomer and Long-term Relationships
“Both men and women are short changed when sweeping generalizations are applied to the male psyche. Men can not all be painted with broad strokes. Some comments from a poll we took may help build a more complex picture of the midlife male perspective, particularly concerning long-term relationships.”… Read More