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Summer Vacation: A Working Parent’s Dilemma
“For families, June is a busy time with graduation parties, little league championships and music recitals. And we all know that right around the corner is summer vacation – lazy days for kids but often stressful for working parents. So if you haven’t…” Read More

7 Tips For Getting Your Children Unplugged
“Have you noticed that your kids are becoming more attached than ever to television, video games and texting? And the season doesn’t seem to matter. During summer, with more free time and fewer structured activities, it’s easy…” Read More

Helping Your Children Cope With Stress
“Raising children has never been easy, but some parents think it’s even harder today. They have always had to deal with providing – food, clothing and shelter as well as a supportive and loving environment where their offspring can grow to…” Read More

How to Enjoy Family Staycations in a Recession
“Now that the summer solstice has given us more time between sunrise and sunset, Americans are officially in summer mode – using the extra daylight hours to spend with the family. But unemployment rates are above 10% in many…” Read More

The Obamas and Family Values
“In a recent letter to his girls, President Barack Obama wrote: “I want you to grow up in a world with no limits on your dreams and no achievements beyond your reach.…..” Now that’s a strong message from a father to his daughters. “… Read More