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10 Ways to Resolve Inevitable Conflict
“This much publicized union is affirmation of America’s shifting religious landscape. There has been a gradual increase in interfaith marriages over the past two decades and more than 30% U.S. households now are…” Read More

Five Tips for Fighting Fair
“All couples get angry and have arguments, so know that you’re not alone. But remember, when resolving conflict, to keep your words sweet – you may have to eat them. When in conflict, you can “… Read More

What You Can Learn from President Obama’s Mother-in-Law
“Now that Michelle Obama’s mother is living in the White House, will the cruel jokes and snide remarks about mothers-in-law finally stop? Will Marian Robinson, as first mother-in-law, be able to pave the way …” Read More

The Politics of Change and Sandwiched Boomers
“The soaring rhetoric from presidential candidates has been about the concept of change – and the electorate is energized by the buzzword. But is the idea of change really so new? In 1944, the Republican governor of New York, Thomas E. Dewey, ran for President against three-term incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt “… Read More

Father’s Day, Boomer Men and Communication
“Have you bought into the commercialism of Father’s Day, thinking fancy ties and expensive tools would bring you closer – only to find that you still want better communication with your Dad? Are you not satisfied with just the occasional email from your brother or text message from your son? If you’re ready for more direct and open conversations with the men in your life, begin with your partner.”… Read More

Conflict Resolution and Media Culture
“Have you noticed that, in our culture, slurs about gender, class, race and sex have become fairly commonplace and are often even seen as humorous by some? Howard Stern, Ann Coulter, Jesse Jackson and Bill O’Reilly, to name a few well known pundits, have been busy playing the ‘can you top this’ game.”… Read More

Boomers and the Valentine’s Day Gift of Discourse
“This Valentines Day, are you hoping that your sweetheart will write words for the love song you’ve been waiting to hear? Are you busy shopping for the language of love that is bound to communicate the intensity of your true emotions?”… Read More

Politics and Communication
“Senator John Kerry said his remark, “If you don’t study hard you get stuck in Iraq,” was a joke gone awry. President George W. Bush was critical, commenting to the Associated Press that “it didn’t sound like a joke to me.”… Read More