aging well

Caring for the Caregiver
“When we’re busy with our lives and moving along as usual we tend to feel bad for the injured and their caretakers but don’t really give much thought to the challenges they’re facing. As with so many other circumstances, it’s often through experience…” Read More

Amour: Lessons from the 2013 Best Foreign Film
“Although the 2013 Academy Awards are history, one gem – Amour – will continue to shine. This heartbreaking and unflinching movie was painful to watch but it stimulated conversations with more questions than answers.” Read More

Aging Without Growing Old: How Does Betty White Do It?
“A real comedy standout on TV and in the movies lately – among all the youthful as well as botoxed, lifted, heavily made-up faces – has been Betty White. Lifetime Achievement Award winner at 90 and ½, as Betty proudly declares…” Read More

7 Tips to Increase Brainpower For Sandwiched Boomers
“Have you found this article by surfing the Internet for topics of interest? Or responded to a Google Alert about a subject that concerns you – brainpower, aging parents, growing children, nourishing relationships, family conflicts…” Read More

Recover from Financial Panic by Investing in You
“The financial crisis has affected many people and involved losses on many levels –jobs, income, money in the stock market, a certain comfort level, retirement funds, a sense of security, dreams for the future. And, inevitably, these feelings”… Read More

Couples Can Deepen Conversations about Serious Illness
“As Baby Boomers continue to age, the rise in incidence of serious illness affects nearly every family – especially if you’re a member of the Sandwich Generation. When you or your spouse develops cancer, heart disease, stroke or another chronic illness, it can change “… Read More

Boomer Women and the Changing Face of Retirement
“As a Baby Boomer, are you in agreement with the results of an American Association of Retired Persons’ position paper – that the definition of work in retirement will be uniquely yours?  Fully 80% of those who responded to…” Read More

How Baby Boomers can Feather their Empty Nest
“As your kidults begin to pack up for college, does the thought of creating a more grown-up nest sound good?  Can you visualize more simplicity and less chaos?  Think about what it would be like to clean out the drawers, give away…” Read More