the value of support

Welcome to “Stepping Stones” (TM), the newsletter of Her
Mentor Center (TM). We welcome our new subscribers and invite
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This month we break away from our readers’ personal
stories to continue the dialogue on mid-life women.

We thank you for your thoughtful responses to the “About You”
questionnaire on our website. Since your participation gave
us such rich information, we hope you will continue the
interaction with us. With your support, we can expand our
exploration of women and increase our knowledge of the
mid-life experience.

You indicated that support from family, friends and
professionals was crucial in coping with transitions. We know
that support means many things to many people. Would you take
a few minutes to provide more detail about your insights
concerning support?

** Which family members do you turn to?

** Which friends do you choose to help you?

** If you use professional support, is it group, couples, or

** How does support help you?

We thank you in advance for your continued involvement.
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By sharing your thoughts, not only are you helping us, you are
helping other women.

We will keep you posted on the progress of our study and the
interesting information we are gathering.


Our Invitation to You

Do you have your own transition story? We invite you to
share it with our readers for the benefit of women who
themselves may be dealing with similar changes. The skills you
used may be Stepping Stones for others. If you are interested,
please e-mail us.

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