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Grandmothers and Spring Break

With my grandsons visiting last week during spring break, we planned some of the usual fun things we like to do together. Their parents took several days away on their own so we got a chance to enjoy the boys alone – shooting baskets at the park, cooking, bowling, playing piano duets, swimming, going on day trips, and, of course, lots of hugging. During one of those day trips in the car – to a rural farm where we all picked strawberries – I also spent some time talking with … Continue reading

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Susan Boyle’s Message: Keep At It

So what does all this fanfare about Susan Boyle singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ have to do with you? Perhaps you don’t think you have an inner vision or the power and persistence to reach your goals. But here are some ideas that’ll help, whether or not you can belt out a heartbreaking ballad about unfulfilled dreams: Learn about what is truly of value to you. Assess your character strengths and how they’ve helped you get what you’ve wanted before. How can you build on those assets now? Enlist your … Continue reading

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Rediscover Your Values and Lift Your Spirits

All week we’ve been writing about the impact of the economic crisis on the day-to-day lives of sandwiched boomers – and what you can do about it. Readers have repeatedly told us they’re tired of turning on the radio or t.v. or picking up a paper and finding bad news. Is your financial situation wearing you down? We’re going to leave you with a new idea to think about. Spring is on the horizon, so how about planting a garden? It takes some person power but not a lot of … Continue reading

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The Obama Family and Family Values

In a recent letter to his girls, President Obama wrote: “I want you to grow up in a world with no limits on your dreams and no achievements beyond your reach.…..” Now that’s a strong message from a father to his daughters. Some say that the Obamas are the kind of family they would like to be. Michelle has a healthy attitude about parenting that resonates for those with strong family values. And she has talked about her personal struggle of juggling work and kids, not that different from any … Continue reading

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