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Women and Men Speak – But Who is Listening?

Do is sometimes feel that you’re the unheard proverbial tree that falls in the forest? You’re talking but no one is listening! A recent Associated Press poll of pet owners found that one-third of married women who own pets consider their pets to be better listeners than their husbands. And nearly one-fifth of husbands also believed their pets were more attentive than their spouses. What’s going on here? Even after numerous books about getting your message across, it seems that men and women still need to learn more about how … Continue reading

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Earth Day Plus One – Now What?

Earth Day was yesterday. So what do we call today? In the heat of the moment, enthusiasm for making a change – protecting the earth, creating better family relationships, making the world a better place, loosing those stubborn extra pounds – can be great. But what happens the next day? How can you build on your decision to improve? How do you actually vary your routine and transform yourself? Inspiration is not enough – now you need to implement your choice in a clear and definite way. Here are 8 … Continue reading

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Strategies from Stepping Stones

Through the years, Stepping Stones has always tried to help our readers cope with what is going on in their world. As one newsletter put it: This newsletter is in response to the stress and anxiety that many of our readers have been feeling in this time of uncertainty. We are inundated with threats about war and terrorism. We are impacted by the declining economy as we watch the price of gasoline go up, the price of stocks go down and the continued loss of jobs in our society. Americans … Continue reading

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Stepping Stones Through the Years

To celebrate the 75th anniversary issue of our newsletter, Stepping Stones, this week we are highlighting some of the past issues. You can find archived copies on our website, www.HerMentorCenter.com. Click on “Newsletter Library” to read Stepping Stones going all the way back to 2001. For the articles appearing in newsletters after 2006, click on the link labeled “Nourishing Relationships.” Here are some tidbits from some of those past newsletters: In one newsletter, we suggested you initiate a conversation with your partner about your relationship: We recognize that it can … Continue reading

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