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Your Personal Health Plan: 10 Tips for Self-fullness

The proposed national healthcare bill is sparking discussion across the country. Members of Congress are finding vocal constituents at town hall meetings in their districts. Is it a real grass roots protest or astroturf? When AARP representatives prematurely end a meeting because senior citizen members there challenge AARP support of the bill, frustrations grow on both sides. And when the White House posts a blog encouraging citizens to report “fishy” information about the proposed health plan, the controversy widens. What can you do? Learn more about the House health bill … Continue reading

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Weather reports across the United States tell us we are in the midst of an artic cold spell this week. How to stay warm? Heaters are good – cuddling with your love even better. Here are some tips for creating a hot relationship with your Sandwiched Generation partner. Invest in your partnership. Make time for your relationship just as you would for any valuable asset. The efforts that you put into growing and developing it will be returned in multiples. Use each other for support as you are going through … Continue reading

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If Sandwich Generation responsibilites are stressful and you’re feeling frustrated, a conversation with your husband has the potential to turn into a fullblown fight. Here are some ways to diffuse the emotions : Stop what you’re doing and close your eyes – breathe in deeply several times through your nose. Hold your breath for five seconds and release it through your mouth. Ignore any intruding and negative feelings. Notice how focusing only on your breathing makes you feel more refreshed. Throw yourself into an activity that gives you immediate release … Continue reading

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Comments about retirement were varied, from being bored and now working again to loving it – so there’s not one size fits all. Whether you’re beginning to play with the idea of retirement or the gold watch presentation is just around the corner, here are some tips for Sandwiched Boomers. Approach this stage of life with humor – and don’t take yourself too seriously. This is a major life change and yet a positive attitude will enhance your transition and the experiences that follow. Be aware of your motivation. Being … Continue reading

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