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A dramatic chase scene in order to elude the press corps, followed by a secret meeting under the cover of darkness – that sure sounds mysterious. Yet makes sense in this complicated political campaign, full of inuendo and little closure. But doesn’t it actually parallel conflict resolution in real life? You have an argument with your partner over some issue that is important to both of you and then – after calming down and thinking it over – a productive discussion follows. But that’s not the end of it, even … Continue reading

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The political pundits have been wondering, “What does Hillary want?” There’a a lot of speculation – a guarantee of universal health care, major input on the war and the economy, a place on the November ticket. John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said that “Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.” At least for now, that’s not true for Senator Clinton – she brought 18 million voters to the table and she wants an assurance that their voices will be heard. The bottom line is that change is difficult … Continue reading

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Barack Obama is now the presumptive Democratic candidate yet Hillary Clinton has not given up the fight. It feels like a marriage gone wrong. Any relationship therapist would agree that there are two sides to every story – and the reality is usually somewhere in the middle. There have been inuendos and accusations – from the quality of character to what constitutes a lie – all in the spirit of being judged more worthy of staying in the race and coming out a winner. Initial counseling sessions often begin with … Continue reading

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At the close of the primary season today, do you think the run for the Democratic presidential nomination will finally be over? It’s not unlike situations in families where a certain result is expected and, due to complicating circumstances, the outcome changes. There are subsequent feelings of surprise and disappointment – or, on the other hand, excitement and hope. Life and politics are unpredictable. You have to admire Hillary Clinton’s optimism, her fortitude and tenacity. And you can’t accuse her of not playing out her hand. But, at this juncture, … Continue reading

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