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Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Seeing pictures of the people of Haiti – or those of Kabul or Iraq or the unemployment lines in America, take your pick – you may be filled with deep emotions yourself. How you deal with this stress and anxiety depends on many factors in your life, especially what has worked for you in the past. When you’ve felt frustrated and helpless before, what has helped you regain a sense of control? Was it humor or redirecting your focus or occasional distancing or rededication or creating a Plan B – … Continue reading

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A New Age of Anxiety and Stress

The mid- 20th century was known as the age of anxiety – spawning even an epic poem, a symphony and a ballet bearing that name. If you were a Baby Boomer growing up in the ’50’s, you probably learned to ‘drop and cover’ or even had a family bomb shelter to help cope with the existential fears of nuclear holocaust. Now into only the first ten years of the 21st century, anxiety and stress levels have risen again at a monumental rate. A national health survey found that 75% of … Continue reading

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Anxiety and Hope for the People of Haiti Now

The weekend global telethon, Hope for Haiti Now, telecast on all major networks as well as the Internet, brought the tragedy into sharp focus. The news about the aftermath of the earthquake is heartbreaking and the vivid pictures tragic. As in grieving any loss, the people of Haiti are experiencing a wide range of emotions. Initially, many were grateful for surviving the catastrophe. But now they are faced with the realities of all they have lost – family, friends, shelter, food, clean water and a sense of security. And feelings … Continue reading

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It has been three months since the 7.8 earthquake that devastated the Sichuan province of China, killing 70,000 people, injuring 375,000 and leaving more than 5 million homeless. Over 7,000 classrooms were destroyed and close to 10,000 children died in the tragedy. With the one child rule in China, there was an outpouring of grief as many families lost their only child. In the opening ceremony of the summer games, 9-year old Lin Hao, accompanying flag bearer Yao Ming, represented hope for the Chinese poeple. Lin Hao was a student … Continue reading

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