How was your Thanksgiving?

High angle detail view of a Thanksgiving dinner
How was your Thanksgiving? For many Sandwiched Boomers, Thanksgiving was spent with family and friends gathered around the table. Most spent a few moments expressing their gratitude for the gifts of love and friendship they enjoy as well as for the many blessings bestowed on them. Saying thank you is one of the first phrases parents try to teach their children, but as adults – especially in this cruel economy – it is often difficult for us to express our gratitude.

We know that in 1621, the Pilgrims first spent a day of giving thanks for their abundance in the “new world.” But it took over 100 years, not until 1777, when all of the 13 colonies joined together in a one-time thanksgiving celebration. And it was another 12 years later, in 1789, that President George Washington proclaimed a National Day of Thanksgiving. Why did it take so long – 168 years – to establish a holiday that now seems to be the favorite among Americans? Maybe it’s harder than you think to say, “thank you.” We’ll look into that all this week.

Even with the harsh economic news – jobless rates way up and the stock market remaining somewhat down – we can still find a lot to be grateful about, especially during the holidays. Families and friends traditionally draw together for support in times of crisis and this year is no different. The gift of appreciation – a heartfelt thank you – can be a daily present this holiday season for those you love. And the cost won’t cut into your tight budget at all.

If you want to make some changes in the way your family and friends celebrate the holidays this year, click on the post title above. You’ll find some tips for creating new holiday rituals in our article, What the Sandwich Generation Brings to the Holiday Table.

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