Taking Staycations in this Economic Environment

With the summer solstice arriving this past weekend, we can now officially be in summer vacation mode. With the most time between sunrise and sunset, we have more daylight hours to spend with our families. But with the unemployment rate above 11% in California and many other states and the recession not showing signs of an early end, everyone feels the need to cut back on expenses. The Auto Club estimates that the traditional vacation in the U.S. costs an average of $244 per day for two people just for lodging and meals. With plane fare, the kids’ expenses and other costs thrown in, the price of a weeklong family vacation could reach $10,000.

So how do you enjoy the summer months without draining your funds? This week we will focus on tips to help you take advantage of free and low-cost alternatives to expensive summer activities – the emerging trend of “staycations.” Planning and taking a real staycation gets you out of your everyday rut and creates memories for your family in flux to share through the year.

For some great tips on how to plan a “staycation” for your family this summer, read our article entitled “6 Tips for Sandwiched Boomers Planning Summer Staycations.” When you click on the title above, you will be directly linked to it on our website, HerMentorCenter.com. Remember to tune in tomorrow for specific activities for the kids, and on Wednesday for more adult-rated themes. We’ll round out the week with feedback from you about the best staycations you have taken. So share your stories here through our “Comment” link.

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