Staying Healthy in this Economy

As a private citizen, it’s difficult for you to influence government policy, but, even as a Sandwiched Boomer, you can have control over your own health. The average annual cost of health care in the United States is over 2 trillion dollars – a large drain on the economy. Almost 75% of health care dollars are spent treating chronic preventable illness. You have the power to make in-roads if you take your health into your own hands. This week we will give you some ways to start taking more personal responsibility. Here’s one:

Participate in regular physical exercise that you enjoy and find engaging. The Centers for Disease Control recently released the ‘2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.’ The guidelines, which recommend incorporating both aerobic activity and flexibility/strength training into your weekly routine, are a result of overwhelming evidence of the benefit of exercise in chronic disease prevention. Studies indicate that aerobic exercise brings more blood and oxygen to your brain cells. So you can improve your mood, control your weight and protect yourself against cognitive loss, all at once.

For more tips on how to take better care of yourself, click on the title above. It will take you to our website, and our article, How to Nourish the Sandwich that is You.

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