We finish this roller-coaster week just as we began it – drawing on the support of one another as we attempt to bring a sense of order to our lives. When you are feeling adrift amidst the economic turmoil, turn to what grounds you and work from there.

Robin has a lot on her mind and sometimes seems overwhelmed by everything she wants to accomplish. Don’t get stopped in your tracks when you consider all you have written down on your “wish list.” Take things one at a time and do what you can when you can. And don’t beat yourself up.

Robin writes us, “I am psychologically ‘consumed’ with the following thoughts:

When will I be able to finish all my paintings that I should finally be able to do now that I have retired from teaching?
How will I survive this jumbo amortized loan I’m “stuck” with?
Should I sell my house in this poor real estate market? I will barely have enough equity to buy something else and I must have 3 bedrooms – 2 for myself and my daughter and one more for my studio and visiting children.
Will I have enough time left to finish my work – painting, drawing, illustrating, printmaking – or at least accomplish something each day in my studio?
How can I begin de-cluttering my house?
When do I make the time for meeting once a month with my teacher friends, retired or still working? Or to start a sewing class again?
How can I find a way to pay my bills and credit cards off?
Where does loving my children and dog fit in?
And what about time for just quietly staring in the morning and being inspired by the hills and mountain view from my backyard? Or listening to music? Or simply letting my mind wander?”

Use this weekend to find your own beauty and serenity as you discover your center and life force. I know I will – I am going to visit my grandchildren!

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