Do you worry about being called selfish when you pay attention to your own needs, interests and wishes? There’s another way to think about taking care of yourself. We call it “self-fullness.” No need to look up self-fullness in the dictionary – you won’t find it. And it’s also not likely to be in the vocabulary of women who are pulled between their careers, children, parents, spouse or even grandchildren. No matter what age women have attained, many still act the part of the ‘good girl,’ responding to the needs of others first. It’s fitting that such multitasking women are called the Sandwich Generation – since a sandwich often means a quick bite to eat on the run for those who don’t have the time for a sit-down meal.

No matter what challenges you face as a Sandwiched Boomer in your career and at home with children growing up and parents growing older, it’s not selfish to set aside time for a taste of healthy self-fullness. Vow to put your feet up and think about yourself for once. What brings you happiness? What relieves the stress you face every day? What will bring balance to your life? This week we will give you our top ten tips to guide you as you make plans to nourish yourself.

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