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Now that April is drawing to a close, have you begun to think about planning a summer vacation? Even Sandwiched Boomers, dealing with aging parents and growing children, need to have a chance to have some fun and what better way to do it than on a special family vacation? There’s just something about the warm sun, blue skies and late evenings that makes us want to ease up, have a change of scenery and leave our day-to-day work world behind.

This summer, even with the high price of gas, many Americans will be taking to the roads, hopping planes, and boarding trains for family vacations. As a member of the Sandwich Generation, you may feel crushed by your responsibilities all year round and see this as your best chance to rejuvenate. But how can you, when the demands on your time and energy are still there? This week, we’ll give you five tips to help you plan and enjoy your summer vacation, wherever it may take you.

You know yourself and your family best. Do you like to create and maintain family rituals? If so, you may want to return to the same vacation spot year after year, enjoying the familiar surroundings and activities. Or, if you prefer to explore different places and learn new skills, you can consider all kinds of innovative vacations together. Does your family enjoy ‘chilling out’ and relaxing or staying busy and active? What is most gratifying – the excitement of the city, the expansiveness of the beach, the majesty of the mountains or the serenity of your own backyard? Taking your family’s particular preferences into account will make your time together even more meaningful for everyone.

Tune in again tomorrow and we’ll talk about some fresh ideas.

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