Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama by 10 points in Pennsylvania last night – and the race goes on. She was gracious, her talk emotional and personal, speaking about her family and to the voters. She held herself out as a role model for women, sharing vignettes about a 90 year old woman who was born before women could vote and about parents reassuring their young daughter that she can be anything she wants.

Clinton, echoing the crowd’s chant of “yes we will,” declared that the tide is turning. She added that she would fight for the country everyday as President and she was ready to lead on day one.

The pundits had said a double digit victory was necessary, and Clinton pulled it off. Pay attention to the psychology, not the math, was Tim Russert’s wise comment. And the Clinton camp are experts at that.

I think, by now, we all realize that Clinton is intent on keeping the race going, no matter what. As Sandwiched Boomers, you’ve got to know that tenacity is a trait that serves you well, especially when you’re in a crunch. There are times when, despite how challenging it gets, there’s just no way you’re going to give up.

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