With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we Sandwiched Boomers may be wondering why Cupid is always portrayed as a baby – we know that real love is quite grown up, thank you. Mature love has more to do with the enduring bond created by years of partnering than by the quick prick of an arrow. Building on shared experiences, mutual acceptance and a healthy interdependence, love among Sandwich Generation Boomers is dynamic and yet ultimately stable at the same time. Studies have shown that the longer a couple is married, the less likely they are to become divorced.

When couples have dealt with the myriad of life’s challenges over the years, they come away with a deep understanding of what is important in the long run and what is just a minor issue. This knowledge gives them greater flexibility in resolving conflicts that may torpedo the relationships of younger couples. Rather than concentrating on how to get the most for oneself out of the relationship, the focus instead becomes “how can I increase my partner’s joy and happiness.”

As Sandwiched Boomers, we recognize the time limits of our changing relationships – with both our aging parents and our growing children. This realization allows us appreciate and savor the continuing long-term relationship we have with a life partner. So don’t worry if your spouse doesn’t gift you with flowers, candy or a teddy bear this Valentine’s Day – you know in your heart that he is there every day with his love and appreciation.

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