support after divorce

We have received valuable comments on the blog from two other women who are also going through divorces. As they each point out, it is hard to get started and even more difficult to keep the forward momentum going. If you are finding yourself stalled and begin questioning your abilities to cope, refer to these suggestions and see if they resonate for you.

Consider what will help you let go of negative thoughts and preconceived notions of failure. Are you holding on to unrealistic expectations, an unfounded criterion of perfection, or an intolerance of anything less than total success? Allow your ideas to run wild as you open yourself up to new attitudes. Use your power to turn your beliefs, step by step, into positive “what ifs.”

Brainstorm with a friend to clarify what kinds of resources you can pursue to help you through this process. Support can come from many directions – personal relationships, coaches or therapists; or from financial assistance, outside validation and endorsement. Use whatever support is available to aid and encourage you.

Let your creativity flourish so that you see yourself from a new perspective. Here, the initial goal is to uncover the courage to begin the process. Once you start, your experience will give you the incentive to continue. Lisa found that “I need much less than I thought to live comfortably. It’s amazing how much more we spent before – and we had so little to show for it. I’m now feeling full in a different way. I know what I want and I will work to get it.”

When prospects seem bleak, these tips can stimulate you toward achieving your goals. Trust yourself and your own wisdom as you begin to integrate your changes and create a new and positive direction. You will find the inspiration that you need to make this the best time of life.

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